Trends in the Global Music Market


The IFPI Digital Music Report 2013 explains how recorded music is working to drive today’s digital economy. It also highlights the new ways consumers can access and experience music.

The music industry has been able to globally expand thanks to the new technologies and services available. Emerging into the market are subscription services, which allow users to either stream, download, or burn music for a set fee for a set period of time.

Digital music sales have actually increased along with the spike in on-demand streaming & subscription music users, contrary to other people’s beliefs. This helped fuel a 0.3% rise in global recorded music revenues in 2012. This may seem like a small number, but 2012 was the first year of industry growth since 1999.

There are now more than 500 licensed digital music services worldwide! Narrator Tracks specializes in synchronization music licensing. Royalty-Free Music libraries fall under this category. Revenues have gradually increased, as you can see below:


At least 8 of the top 20 global music markets are expected to see growth, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Norway & Sweden. Globalization is opening up new markets as well!

As an industry, we have changed our business models to meet the digital age. Expanding globally into the music market is just another reason to be optimistic about the economical future of businesses, small and large.

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nTracks: Music Used Around the World

Around the World Map

The digital environment has allowed very special opportunities for online businesses. The Internet & wireless technologies give music a chance to take a different direction by their ability to internationally distribute the productions for instant hearing or storage.

 The web is the vehicle that makes Narrator Tracks’ products & services possible. The music marketplace is extremely competitive & being able to tap into the international market really levels the playing field.

We recently received a Royalty Payment Statement & thought it would be fun to examine where our music has been! Unlike radio & TV, Internet music services are not as accustomed to supplying specific music-use data for BMI records. Nonetheless, it is important to know where your music is used.

International performances of Narrator Tracks‘ music were summarized into 3 groups: Film, Television & Various. Check out the global locations!

BMI monitors major performances of affiliate material on radio, television & cinema in countries around the world. Other categories such as Digital, Live & General are logged by societies within the country.

Although we are unsure about the specific details for most international projects/productions/videos, Narrator Tracks is humbled to know that one of our “World Music” pieces was featured in the American movie, The Bucket List. Our global growth was somewhat of a catalyst to the production of new types of sounds, styles & genres.

After researching musical styles from around the globe, we began the production of authentic-sounding tracks. One of our Middle Eastern style tracks found its way into the blockbuster film!

The changes within the music industry and technology have a symbiotic relationship. The connection and access a small business – or any business – can make with an audience is exponential. Your product or service can become more versatile because the means to which it is delivered is constantly evolving.

nTracks would love to hear where your music and productions have been used! Comment and share your experiences in the U.S. and international market. 

Are you affiliated with ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC? Share your knowledge and experience about the different societies in the music industry.

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Narrator Tracks Music: June Video

Album-Cover_Vol60Every month, Narrator Tracks offers a “Free Download of the Month” - a track featured on one of our many CDs. This month’s free download is X-Treme Sports II and it is featured on the Sports Theme CD.

X-Treme Sports II is perfect for a sports-themed or action video. Our June video uses the track to highlight America’s favorite past-time, baseball! Look on as images of victory, athletes, fans and ballpark memories transition before your eyes.

Producing a video for YouTube, a company training seminar, or what have you, can be heightened with audio from Narrator Tracks Music. Our extensive royalty-free library is full of various styles and genres. Creating a visual element for your business or personal endeavors strengthens resignation and engagement with others. If you are new to video-production, there are great pieces of software out there to help you step-by-step.

  • iMovie - “editing for everyone…”
  • Camtasia - create professional videos easily
  • OpenShot - free, open-source video editor for Linux
  • Lightworks - “Hollywood-strength editing for everyone…”
    Any many more!

Enjoy the nTracks June video and visit our YouTube channel to view our video archive. Thanks!

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How Music Enhances Film: An Expert Opinion

In this short clip, George Maloian (widely respected in the music industry) discusses the benefits of adding music to films. He discuses how music can completely change the audiences mood at that specific time in the film.

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It’s not too late to get FREE music!

In case you missed November’s Free Download of the Month, it is still available! Listen to the track “Gentle Strength” while you watch our YouTube video! Stay in the holiday spirit! December’s free track video is coming soon!

Here’s the link to download Novembers AND December’s free tracks:

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Find out what’s going on this weekend!

Need something to do this weekend? Why don’t you do something fun and get a break from work. There are a lot of events happening around Oshkosh; here’s a few:

Today (Friday October 26):

Listen to Sly Joe and The Smooth Operators at Becket’s on Jackson Street at 8:00 pm.

Check out “Roses for the Dead” and “The 4th Floor” at The Reptile Palace on High Ave at 10:00 pm.

Tomorrow (Saturday October 27):

Get a ghostly tour of the Grand Opera House on High Ave running at 7:00 pm, 8:00

pm, or 9:00 pm.

Bill Cosby is coming to The Performing Arts Center in Appleton! The show starts at 7:30 pm.

Get dressed up in your Halloween costume, enjoy bowling, and check out the Chicago Blues styles of Toronzo Cannon and Tom Holland (opening) at the Electric Lounge on Washington Ave in Oshkosh, starting at 7:00 pm.

To view a much larger list of events in the area, visit I highly recommend you check it out because there’s a lot of really great stuff listed! If you know of any great bands playing locally please share it with us!

Have a great weekend! from nTracks :)

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A Music Video Without Music!

I’m sure you already know how much of an impact music has on any given video, whether it be for a commercial, a movie, a TV show, an educational video, etc. I’m also guessing you’ve visited YouTube in search for a song and might have found it hard to find a version that “works”. The reason is, YouTube’s Content Management System is constantly searching for music that has been uploaded illegally.

Want to know how they find this music? Here’s an example: an artist or producer gives the YouTube Content Management System a “fingerprint” of a song and then the system recognizes all of the songs with that fingerprint, or a similar fingerprint, that have been uploaded illegally. After they’ve found a song, they take action and one of those actions is to take the audio out of the video completely. That’s why it is necessary for all of the video producers out there to use music that is royalty-free (unless you want to pay for each use, have ads displayed surrounding your video, or get your videos blocked by YouTube).

In case you didn’t see the blog last week, I posted a video of the sensational “Gangnam Style” by PSY. This time, I found the music video without the song attached to it. In its place are the sounds of dancers making steps on the floor, kids playing outside, water splashing when there’s a pool scene, wind blowing on the models, horses making horse sounds, and so on. It’s pretty interesting – take a look/hear: Gangnam Style Without Music

If you want to create your own YouTube video, nTracks has a lot of music to offer. Visit us at If you’d like to use our free download of the month, you can find it here: The Pursuit

Hope everyone has a great week!


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