Music… enhancing our emotions one beat at a time

Did you ever notice how music is used everywhere?!  All of your favorite movies and television shows wouldn’t seem the same if there was no music.  Music enhances the emotion and feeling that is trying to be portrayed.  Since I’ve began working for nTracks I’ve really started to pay attention to both the band and instrumental music played in all types of production.  Even a personal project seems boring and dull without background music.  A video scrapbook of a family vacation to Disney World wouldn’t be the same without fun, playful, happy music playing in sync to the pictures and videos.  (I’ll be adding a video of one of my family vacations to Florida soon, one with no music, and one using tracks from the nTracks Music Library.)

So what’s my favorite “musical enhancement” moment?

My all time favorite movie/music scene is the beautiful ending dream scene of Titanic.  James Horner’s “The Dream” instrumental song gives true emotion to the scene.  To me… it’s just magical how well it works together to bring out a happy but sad feeling.  Every time I watch it I’m smiling, but my eyes are watering.

Well what’s yours?!


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3 Responses to Music… enhancing our emotions one beat at a time

  1. Garett says:

    opening credits of Departed with the “Shipping of to Boston” song playing. so great.

  2. Ryan says:

    end of the hangover credits when they show the pictures!

  3. Mel says:

    Batman The Dark Night was an amazing blockbuster movie, but the music in the movie is even more amazing! Hans Zimmer produced each song to perfection fitting seamlessly with the movie scenes and adding a real dark feeling to the movie. Specific scenewise.. the ending stands out when Batman has to run and the song continues into the credits. I believe this is the Dark Night theme song. Another that really stands out is when they talk about “Some men just want to watch the world burn.” The music along with the scene really captures the horror of what the Joker is capable of doing. Very powerful.

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