Who uses Narrator Tracks?

Our royalty-free music library has been used by a lot of different companies, schools, and organizations.  They have used our music for all types of different purposes, such as training videos, commercials, presentations, and a bunch of other uses.

Some of the companies that have used our music library or that are still currently using our music library are:  Blue Cross Blue Shield. M&M, Motorola, Verizon, New York Life, Ohio State University, Shaklee, Sentry Insurance, NASA, Nissan, United Postal Service, Exxon, Alltel, General Motors, Ford, Whirlpool, Texico, Toyota, Lockneed Martin, Conoco Phillips, Yankee Candle, Princeton University, Xerox, Quad Graphics, Amway, Bank of America, CapitolOne Bank, Chrysler, Kennedy University, Gulf Power, Honda, Janus, Freddie Mac, American Red Cross, 3M, Columbia College Chicago, American Express, AT&T, Federal Aviation Administration, Boeing, Chicago Tribune, Colonial Life, Kodak, Hallmark, Alcoa, Intuit, John Deere, Georgia Power, Goodyear, Marriot, The Outdoor Channel, Ariens, Alcon,  Empowered, American Family Insurance, Alabama A&M, Cardinal Health Systems, GE, PayPal, University of Maryland, University of Tennessee, VistaPrint, and so many more big name organizations.

As you can see, a lot of big name places are either using or have used our music.  That is because of the relationship we have with them, also the trust they have in us, and the quality of our music.


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