Narrator Tracks History!

Born out of necessity, Narrator Tracks Music was one of the first royalty-free music libraries available. Founded by Mark Gungor and Tom Washatka in 1989 Narrator Tracks Music was designed to work with narration.

As a video producer, Mark Gungor needed music that did not fight his productions. He was frustrated with the amount of time it took to find the perfect audio track for his videos amongst all the existing music library companies. Consequently in the late 1980’s composer Tom Washatka was contacted to write and produce custom music. Music that eliminated sudden changes in tempo, dynamics or instrumentation. The music could be applied with confidence that the track would complement and not interfere with the voice-over or narration. The tracks worked so well that Mark quickly realized here was an opportunity to provide this music to other equally frustrated video producers. Narrator Tracks Music was born.

Over the next 16 years Mark and Tom produced over 60 CDs and over 650 tracks consisting of a variety of styles and genres. They worked together until the fall of 2005 when Tom acquired the business.

Tom then partnered with fellow musician John Gibson. Together Tom and John continued to produce music at a rate of 6 CDs a year. Tom took over as sole owner of Narrator Tracks Music in late 2010.

Narrator Tracks Music continues to be one of the most popular music libraries offering some of the best royalty-free music available!

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