Local Radio and Pandora Radio at Workplace Illegal

I’ve recently noticed that some retail stores, bars, and restaurants use the internet streaming radio Pandora to play music.  I’ve realized this by simply asking what is playing.  Well for those of you wondering if this is legal… It says right in the legal agreement when you sign up for Pandora that “Pandora is for personal use only, that means you can’t play Pandora for the patrons in your bar, coffee shop, etc.”

In more detail…. “If you are playing Pandora for yourself while you work, that’s great– it’s considered personal use even though you are at work. In fact, a large number of our listeners do this.

On the other hand, if you are playing Pandora over loudspeakers at your business for your clients or customers, this is considered commercial use and is not permitted by our music licenses or Terms of Use.

Nor can we offer commercial licenses for Pandora for any other purpose.”

So there it is!  It is not legal to use Pandora in a commercial setting. You can still be fined for using copyrighted music without a license and even worse… your right to use Pandora will be immediately terminated!

One thing that is great about nTracks is that it is royalty free music that you are buying. So you are able to play these tracks at your workplace, legally. A lot of small local businesses are finding out the hard way that they aren’t allowed to play Pandora radio at their establishment.

Also the same goes with local radios. I was reading up on this type of issue and came across an article about Kwik-Fit being sued by the PRS for playing the radio at their establishment. Performing Rights Society (PRS) takes copyright infringement very very seriously. Read this article to find out more about the topic http://www.bit-tech.net/custompc/news/601372/listening-to-radios-at-work-is-illegal.html.

Kwik-Fit isn’t the only place that I have heard about getting in trouble for playing the radio at their workplace. Many local businesses here are getting in trouble as well.

Save yourself the trouble and money and make sure you are playing music that won’t get you into trouble. Check out http://www.ntracks.com to see what we have to offer. We have all types of music genres. Whatever you are looking for to play at your workplace we have it. We can’t stress enough how important it is when it comes to copyright infringement. The worse part is many people don’t realize they are doing it.

Help share this knowledge with local businesses as well because like I just mentioned  many people don’t realize it.


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