Summer 2012

What big plans do you have for summer 2012? Summer seems to be the time where we finally can do all the fun and exciting things we have been waiting to do. So what types of activities are on your “bucket list” for the summer?

Here are some fun ideas for activities to do this summer! Check out your local calendars to find local events that will occur by you!
1) Sky dying  (for the daredevils out there)
2) Read a trilogy of books
3) Week of camping
4) Spend the day out on a boat
5) Attend Concerts
6)  Go scuba diving
7) road trip (Just grab a group of your friends and just begin to drive. The best road trips are the ones where you don’t have a clue where you are going)
8) Have a water balloon fight (remember when those were fun when we were little. They still can be fun now)
9) Write a short story
10) Have a picnic (many of us don’t do these anymore. These are still very fun!)
11) go mini golfing (become a pro at mini golfing! Try to get holes in one!)
12)  Have a swim party
13) Find local beaches
14) Create some art – paint something
15) Go for a long hike
16) Go to a drive in movie
17) Attend the Zoo
18) Build a campfire
19) Find a deserted building or island
20) come up with a new recipe
21) run a marathon
22) Try to complete a major workout like p90x
23) Go fishing!
24) Roast marshmallows and make smores
25) have a cook out!
26) decorate your house like you have always wanted to
27) pick up an instrument
28) Go to a car race
29) have a movie day on a rainy day
30) Sleep under the stars

Those are just some ideas for you! Leave a comment and tell us your plans!


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