Royalty Free Music Defined

After talking to people and reading articles online, it has come to my attention that many people are unaware of the true meaning of royalty free music. Many people confuse the meaning with free music. Which those two phrases mean two different things.  I have been wanting to write a post that pertains only to the meaning of royalty free music in hopes that it will help with the confusion.  Hopefully it does help.

So what does “royalty free music” mean?
Many people get caught up with the word free in this phrase. The royalty free does not mean the content is free. Purchasing royalty-free music gives the user the right to use copyrighted material without having to pay “royalty” or pay use fee. Obtaining royalty-free music gives you “almost” unlimited use of this material. I say almost because the license agreement will have some limitations such as resale of the material to a third party.

What is royalties?
 According to wikipedia, Royalties are “usages-based payments made by one party (the “licensee”) to another (the “licensor”) for the right to ongoing use of an asset.” For an example lets say I am in the process of creating a video for my business and wanted to add in some background music. I purchase a track off a royalty free music website, such as Once I  have paid this fee, I, the “licensor”, am now granted the ability to synchronize the music with my video production an unlimited number of times without any additional fees.

Royalty Free Music Usage
Those who purchase royalty free music use it in video productions. Like in an earlier post, we showed how North Sails used one of our tracks that they purchased and used in one of their informative video. We also have customers that use it for their wedding videos.  Video games as well use royalty free music. Many people also use it for background music on their website. If you do go this route make sure to allow the user control over the volume of the music.

Royalty free music has also been purchased for the use at their local businesses. Many businesses are getting in trouble for the use of local radio and pandora radio due to licensing laws issues. So instead owners are purchasing royalty free tracks and playing those at their business.
There really is an endless amount of usages for royalty free music.

Advantages of Using Royalty Free Music

-Saves time. Finding what you need and when you need it, is only clicks away now. nTracks has an advanced search bar that allows you to type in exactly what you are looking for.

-Legal – Why risk your production that you work very hard on getting into legal trouble because you used music illegally. Trust me they are cracking down hard more now then ever. YouTube will take down any video that users are posting that use commercially copyrighted music as the background.  Those that repetitively do this will then be banned from the site for life.  Its just a nice piece of mind knowing you are using music legall

-Wide selection – Music libraries like nTracks have a wide selection of music to choose from. Whether you want to give a warm welcome into your business or a scary, suspense theme for a scary movie you are producing, nTracks has it.

-Simple to license and download.

Hopefully this helped clear up the definition of royalty free music. 


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