Effectively Placing Music Background

Recently we uploaded a video called Fourth of July Tribute in which we used still images and our “America the Beautiful” music track. The relationship between both the images and the background music was very powerful.  In any video that you create and want to add music background to enhance the viewers emotions, one must really understand the variables that effect how effective the end result will be.

Here is the Video with correct placing of the music track:

Notice how each still image goes excellent with each part of the track.

In order to demonstrate how effective the relationship is between music and the images, we took the same video as above and just randomly placed the music track in the video. A lot of people when making a short video, tend to just add the images first then place a track where ever in the video.
Here is the video that has a poor relationship between the images and music background.

As you can tell you didn’t get the same powerful effect as you did from the first video. In both videos you get the same message, however the effectiveness level is different for each one of them. So how do you correctly place a music track so that it enhances and effectively promotes the message you are aiming to get across? Here are some tips for you to effectively place a music track in a video.

1) If you have a music track in mind then first place that into the video maker. Close your eyes and press play. Listen to where each part of the music changes. Imagine what you would expect to see at different parts of the track. The one thing that I can’t stress enough is to make sure you don’t edit the music to the images. It is the other way around. Edit the images to the music.

2) Figure out where the best place is to begin the track. What I mean by this, is sometimes the beginning of the track isn’t the best for the beginning of the video. For example: I trimmed about 30 seconds  I believe it was from the beginning of the music track, America The Beautiful. I did this because I felt that it didn’t really present the effect that I was aiming for. This isn’t always the case.

3) Fade In and Fade Out.  If you do end up trimming the music clip at the beginning, you want to make sure that it doesn’t start the video blaring the music track. So make sure you fade in the music slowly. The same thing goes for the end of the clip. Play the clip over with your eyes close and see what feels the best.

4) Once you have all the images or video clips added to the video. Continuously watch and listen to the music closely. Make sure that each transition of the music matches perfectly with the image or clip.

I can’t stress enough how important music background is to your video. You can’t just randomly place a track into a video and hope that it will work effectively. The one thing that I really want you to take away from this blog post is to remember to just close your eyes and listen to the music. If you can do this you are one step closer to getting a powerful video.

If you would like to add any experiences that you have had with making a video please leave a comment below. Also feel free to add any tips as well.

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