Tips for making a sports video.

Are you working on a sports video dedicated to your favorite player? Here is a list of tips to consider when producing a sports video.

1) Add music to the background. When I say add music to the background, this means to go out and find the perfect track. This may be common sense but don’t just add any random song to the background and hope that the end result will be inspirational and effective. When I am adding music to a video I tend to go out on YouTube and search what type of audio others have used for a particular situation, such as a sports video. If you have read my previous post, I emphasize how important music is to any video production. Music is an amazing thing that can capture and draw in emotion from its listener. It creates such a dynamic change to a video.

I know I have mentioned this before but make sure you edit the pictures or clips to the music itself. To find out how to add effective music to the background check out my article

—>So how do you find audio that you can use in a video?
Find royalty free music. There is an massive amount of sites that offer royalty free music. When you require royalty free music you are obtaining the license to use the audio. This way you won’t get in trouble  for copyright infringement.(Make sure you read the license agreement to see what you are all allowed to do with the track) Narrator Tracks has a huge selection of royalty free music. The great advantage of our site is that we have all of our tracks in a style catergory. So for instance if you are looking for a patriotic theme song, you can select the patriotic style category. This allows easy browsing.

2) Add text. You don’t always have to do this but this too helps bring out emotions. So what kind of text do you want to add to your video? You can find an inspirational quote or poem that you find to share a connection with your video. By adding text to a video it really directs the emotions of the viewers. When you create a video you have a select emotion that you want to draw from your viewers. By adding text this allows you to help direct the emotions even more along side the music. There are different components of text that some people seem to struggle. Such as poor choice of font and not leaving enough time to read the text. Ignoring these factors will even defeat the whole purpose of the video.

Make sure when you are selecting a font color that does stand out from the background. What happens when only some of the text stands out from the background and the rest doesn’t? I found that moving the text around on the clip or image seems to work. Or shortening the text. People aren’t going to re-watch a video just to decipher a text so make sure you can read all of the text on a given frame.
I found this excellent article that goes into depth about fonts and what each font style says. Check it out
It is also very important to consider the duration time for the reader. Make sure you keep your text short but still inspirational. Try to keep text for each frame a maximum of two lines. This way you aren’t over doing it and viewers can still soak in the message and the image/clip at the same time. One way that I have found to be very useful when it comes to figuring out the duration of a frame,  is by watching it myself and reading it slowly and aloud. This seems to give me a great idea on whether or not the duration of the frame is long enough.

As you can see there are a lot of different aspects that come along with video creating. I hope this helps you! If you have any suggestions or comments about this article feel free to add a comment. We love hearing from our readers what they think. Also we write articles to help increase the knowledge base of our audience if you have anything you like to add we would love to hear it. This way we can all work together to expand our knowledge on this topic.


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