Adding Music Background In Website

Are you thinking about adding background music to your website? Adding background music can be appealing and adds a personal touch to your website. It can also come with some drawbacks if not used correctly. I have listed some tips to consider when adding background music to your website.

1) Add the right kind of music. How do you do this? Understand the purpose of your website. This means: understand your target audience and the nature of your business. Example: Lets say you have a website for selling reliable wheelchairs to the elderly. You most certainly would not want to put heavy metal audio in the background. Instead you would want to put a nice soothing tune in the background. You can also find what music is appealing to different demographics by conducting research. This will allow you to really get a good understanding of what each demographic like hearing. The audio you play in the background says something about your business so make sure you place the right kind music. Make sure you are asking yourself questions like I mentioned earlier in the paragraph such as: who is my target audience and what is the nature of my business. This will definitely help you.

2) Make sure you have an on/off button. You want to give your visitors the ability to choose whether or not they want to listen to the music or not. Even if you have the right type of music playing sometimes the visitor just simply does not want to listen to it. One drawback from adding audio to the background is sometimes it can make visitors pull away from visiting your site. Audio can sometimes get annoying and distract the viewer from the content. One thing to also keep in mind even if you are certain you have the correct type of music playing in the background, there will always be a handful of viewers that just don’t like your music. So make things simple. Allow your viewer to choose whether or not they want to listen to the audio. There is a handful of tutorials online that show you how to get an on/off button.

3) Make sure you are not using copyrighted songs without permission. Law suits because of copyright infringement are costly and very time consuming. Save yourself the time and money and make sure you are obtaining royalty free music. So where do you obtain royalty free music? There are numerous sites online that offer royalty free music. Check out They have reasonable prices and great selection of tracks that will fit whatever needs you have. They have an excellent advanced search that will helps you find exactly what you are looking for quickly.

4) Lastly, make sure you update your music from time to time. It gives viewers a change. Continue to conduct research to keep on top of what users like to hear. This shows that you care about your viewers.

Keeping all these tips in mind, adding music to your website background will indeed be a nice appealing touch for your viewers. Audio in the background can set you apart from competitors.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to add them below, we love hearing from our readers.


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