Best Royalty Free Sport Theme Music for Videos & Slideshow!

We have would like to share with you, our royalty free sport theme tracks! These tracks are perfect for any sporting event video or slideshow. Check them out today and enjoy!

Volume – 60 “Sports Theme
01. The Thrill Of Victory
Tempo: Med
Success in any endeavor is the only choice. And the victory celebration is always close behind. This track is celebratory and positive.

02. Introducing the Athletes
Tempo: Med
The house lights dim, the spot lights circle, and the players make their entrance. This is a medium tempo track perfect for a high energy video or could be used at your next sports event.

03. X-treme Sports
Tempo: Up
This is super high energy. Exercise extreme caution! For radio broadcast, TV spots or video presentations, this track is definitely EXTREME.

04. On The Gridiron
Tempo: Med
Brass hits are featured to edit to your highlight reel. Whatever the sport this medium tempo track will emphasize both the thrill and the agony of competition.

05. Winning Isn’t Everything
Tempo: Med
Winning on the field or off the field, this track is motivational and inspirational. Go for the score and reach your goals.

06. The Agony Of Defeat
Tempo: Slow
This slow and reflective track is both contemplative and reflective. Defeat is never easy. But challenges bring solutions to the seemingly insurmountable odds.

07. X-Treme Sports II
Tempo: Up
This is the second installment of a super high energy track. Perfect for intros and outros, bumpers and stingers or anything in between. No sport is too extreme for this track.


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