Best Royalty Free Wedding Theme Tracks for Videos & Slideshow!

When it come to choosing music for your big day, it is very crucial that you take the time to find and select the right music. The music that you select is a crucial way to convey your feelings, personality, and wedding theme.

We have listed just some of our royalty free wedding theme tracks and provided examples where they would best work. So whether you are a wedding videographer, photographer, or just looking for royalty free music for your event, check out these tracks and more on our website to find the tracks that fit your needs.

Volume – 28 “Acoustic Guitar”
01. Lost In You
Tempo: Med
(Solo Guitar) Find yourself getting lost in the beauty and emotion of this tender melody.  Would be great for before/after the vows.

Volume – 32 “Solo Piano”
01. Reflective
Tempo: Med
Pensive, Reflective, Thoughtful – A melodic, stirring composition crafted to calm your thoughts as you consider the endless possibilities of the future. Would be great for using after the lighting of the candles!

Volume – 13 “Acoustic Guitar”
02. Altar Prayer
Tempo: Slow
Tender, sweet, contemplative — a sensitively developed solo ballad. Would also be great for using after the lighting of the candles!

Volume – 13 “Acoustic Guitar” 
05. Called To Excellence
Tempo: Med
(Solo Guitar) Uplifting, relaxed, graceful – this cut will take you to new heights! Would be great for using as the bride and groom recessional.

Volume – 32 “Solo Piano” 
05. Lisa’s Song
Tempo: Med
Colorful, playful, entertaining — a delightful melody taken through opposing landscapes, one simple, one a little more chromatic. Would be great for use as the father gives away the bride.

Volume – 6 “Corporate/Industrial”
07. Prelude in C
Tempo: Slow
Sensitively composed and performed, this delicate strain showcases a classic string quartet. Would be great to use as the brides maids come in.

We have only listed just a few of our royalty free music, find more here. You can also preview each track!


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