An Inspirational Story

As I scrolled through nTracks’ Facebook newsfeed page, I came across a very inspirational story about a woman named Rachelle Chapman. A month before her wedding day, she became quadriplegic after being pushed into a pool where she hit her head and suffered a 6 spinal cord injury. That was on May 23, 2010. Today she lives a very active life and wont let this life struggle get in her way one bit.

“If I could have looked into a crystal ball to see past that day, would I have changed anything up to the point of the accident?  NO WAY!  It was a perfect day – doing everything that I loved – and the accident left me to live my life very differently but I know there are bigger plans for me and now I can work every day to help others not as fortunate as I am and I look forward to a bright future.”

You don’t read many stories like this, and when you do find a story like this, you walk away looking at life differently. You would think that such an accident would only leave someone with regrets. She however embraces this accident and looks at life with such a positive outlook. She is such an inspiration for all of us. From her we can learn that whatever life throws our way we can make it and still live an amazing life. Check out her website : . To read more about her life journey.


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