Sports Video Project

For all you devoted sports fans out there, have you decided to create a video for your favorite player? Show your dedication by making an amazing and successful sports video. Make sure you select a background music that would perfectly fit the video and show the support you have. Finding a background track is quite simple but make sure you select one that is royalty-free. If you plan on posting it up on sites such as YouTube, you must (and I mean MUST) make sure you aren’t violating any copyright laws because if you are they WILL take down your video. So how do you know if the track you are using is royalty-free? Try going to a search engine and just simply typing in the keywords “royalty-free music”, the search engine will generate a list of sites that offer royalty-free music. OR you could go to different forum sites and ask which site is the best for royalty-free music. Once you do find a site that you really enjoy, make sure to read the licensing page. This is where they explain what you can use this track for. Each site’s licensing agreement may vary so make sure you read each one! Here is a list of royalty-free sites to make the search a little easier for you! (Of Course 🙂 )

Here is just list of sites that I could think of. If you have a list of other royalty free music sites please do leave them in the comment section below, in order to help others.


About nTracks Royalty Free Music

Royalty Free Music !
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