Looking for Royalty Free Images/Clips? Here is My List

Last post I listed sites that are excellent for finding quality royalty free music. To continue with a similar theme, this post will be dedicated to those who are in search for royalty free images/clips. Here at Narrator Tracks Music Library we create a video for each new download of the month every month. We do this to show the viewer ways to use the royalty free music that we are offering for free. When it comes to creating these videos we must keep in mind the copyright laws that come with using images and clips that were produced by others. Following these laws are very important! Depending on the case many things can happen if you decide to not follow these laws.  These include imprisonment and/or paying a huge fine. Here is a list of sites that I use when it comes to finding royalty free images and clips to make sure I am following copyright laws!

When it comes to finding royalty free images/clips some sites require payment and others are free.

Royalty-Free Clips 

1) http://www.xstockvideo.com           They have limited amount of clips but they are free and have really great quality. They tend to be my first destination when I am searching for royalty free clips
2) http://www.stockfootageforfree.com      I really like this site as well. You do however, have to register in order to start downloading free clips. They too have excellent quality clips and a limited selection.
3)www.gettyimages.com/footage     They have an amazing selection of videos but they require $$. They have extremely amazing quality videos and anything you could possibly think of they have it
4)www.footage.net   I just found this site recently. You do have to register and from what I found they are free. They also have a really nice selection.

Royalty Free Images
1) http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/images/ I remember growing up using Microsoft Office Word and using clipart when I was searching for images. They are free but they have a limited selection. If you are looking for a generic images I would suggest going here.
2) http://www.gettyimages.com    Like I said about their clip selection, they have a huge selection of images with excellent quality. However they do require a payment.
3) http://www.shutterstock.com    I really like this site as well. They have a great selection of really good quality images but they aren’t free.
4) http://www.istockphoto.com   I really enjoy this site. I can always find exactly what I am looking for. With that said they have a huge selection and excellent quality. They also require $$$
5)www.sxc.hu   I just recently found this site as well. They have a really good selection of great quality images, free of charge. They do also require you to register.
6) http://www.clipart.com    They have a generic royalty free images for a decent price. They also have wide selection of images as well.

Hopefully my list of royalty free clips/images helps you in your next search for royalty free clips/images. If you do have any other sites that you would suggest please feel free to leaving them in the comment section!



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