Halloween is Coming!!! Time to Get Scared!

Halloween is coming up so get ready to get scared! There are a bunch of scary movies being released this month and we want to know which one(s) you’re most looking forward to! My all-time favorite scary movie is The Amityville Horror. It’s such a classic and it gives me the chills every time I see it.

Some movies coming this month include: E.T. The Extra Terrestrial, Taken 2, Sinister, Grave Encounters 2, Paranormal Activity 4, Halloween, Silent Hill: Revelations 3D, Gregory Crwedson: Brief Encounters, and Sleep Tight.

What movie are you going to see?

Think about all the scary music played in a movie. Would it be as scary if there were no music at all? Here’s our take on scary music (And it’s the Free Download of the Month!). TIP: Use it as background music for your house when you’re handing out candy on Halloween!

Free track: The Pursuit

We hope you have an extra scary month ahead of you! And let us know what scary movie you’re going to see in theaters… If you can muster up the courage! 🙂



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