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The digital environment has allowed very special opportunities for online businesses. The Internet & wireless technologies give music a chance to take a different direction by their ability to internationally distribute the productions for instant hearing or storage.

 The web is the vehicle that makes Narrator Tracks’ products & services possible. The music marketplace is extremely competitive & being able to tap into the international market really levels the playing field.

We recently received a Royalty Payment Statement & thought it would be fun to examine where our music has been! Unlike radio & TV, Internet music services are not as accustomed to supplying specific music-use data for BMI records. Nonetheless, it is important to know where your music is used.

International performances of Narrator Tracks‘ music were summarized into 3 groups: Film, Television & Various. Check out the global locations!

BMI monitors major performances of affiliate material on radio, television & cinema in countries around the world. Other categories such as Digital, Live & General are logged by societies within the country.

Although we are unsure about the specific details for most international projects/productions/videos, Narrator Tracks is humbled to know that one of our “World Music” pieces was featured in the American movie, The Bucket List. Our global growth was somewhat of a catalyst to the production of new types of sounds, styles & genres.

After researching musical styles from around the globe, we began the production of authentic-sounding tracks. One of our Middle Eastern style tracks found its way into the blockbuster film!

The changes within the music industry and technology have a symbiotic relationship. The connection and access a small business – or any business – can make with an audience is exponential. Your product or service can become more versatile because the means to which it is delivered is constantly evolving.

nTracks would love to hear where your music and productions have been used! Comment and share your experiences in the U.S. and international market. 

Are you affiliated with ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC? Share your knowledge and experience about the different societies in the music industry.


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