Royalty Collection

Recently, I read an article talking about royalty collection companies and that they are almost crossing the line when collecting royalties. Of course all artists should get paid when they get their music played, but collection companies are trying to collect on many things that artists have already been compensated for, like ringtones and trying to make fans pay for a performance fee just to listen to the radio. It seems like they are being so strict, to try and make up for their own financial downfalls rather than trying to do good for the artist and get them their dues. Most general music fans also do not know that the artist has very little to do with how royalties are collected, so in some cases, the fan may be thinking that the artist is being greedy, when in reality it is the collection company. Royalties for internet play is also another issue within the music industry. Besides SoundExchange, who sets the standards for how much an artist should get paid when listened to online? Should labels be able to pull music from sites such as YouTube, without the artist approval? With the rise of a digital era, we need to figure out a solid game plan for compensation and licensing on sites that host and promote tunes. Collection companies must also change the way they collect royalties so they do not deter anyone from listening to the artist they are collecting for.



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