Changes in Music Licensing

The music industry is constantly changing and evolving as many of you know, and recently, music industry leaders fought at a House judiciary meeting to change copyright law, which is getting very outdated. Nearly all the leaders who attended the meeting urged for a complete overhaul of the music licensing law and one said that the current law was “inefficient and frankly, broken.” Many people have called for changes in the law because the laws are rooted in the pre-digital era of music. The laws are also very confusing and can have in impact on how music companies and artists make money. As the hearing went on, many criticized AM/FM radio and streaming services because of the lack of royalties they actually pay. If radio and streaming services have to pay back what they could possibly owe artists though, they will have no money left to improve their products or keep moving forward as a business. This is a tough situation for any decision maker to be put in. Although nothing has changed yet, many think that there is interest in revising music licensing law. On the other hand though, some say that even if there is change, only the big players in the industry will benefit from it, while other smaller companies within the industry will just have to deal with what they get. Expect more about this topic as the issue progresses and law makers start to make decisions about revising the music licensing laws. Kyle


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    Music licensing is a vital conduit to making great films greater. We must protect this business.

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