YouTube reveals $1 billion in music payouts, but some labels still unhappy

According to a recent piece of research done by Videolink and Tubular Labs, it is claimed that music videos account for 38.4% of all views on YouTube, showing that they are atop as the world’s biggest streaming music service. At the Midem music industry show in Cannes recently, the VP of YouTube stated that over the past several years, the company has paid out to the music industry over a billion dollars. Some though, are still not convinced that YouTube, the Google subsidiary, should be involved in the music industry because of the high piracy rates and other factors, like payouts. Many question that if YouTube is so committed to the music industry, then why do they not pay out more to labels and publishers? They have billions of music video views and still only pay a small portion of money compared to the amount of viewership they get. Streaming services are also fueling the fire, stating that some pay between $6,000-$8,000 per million streams, and YouTube only pays $3,000 per million video streams, which does not seem right. Although there are many foe’s, YouTube does have some defenders as well. It is a top five revenue source now at many labels and is going up. It is also a great channel to use for copyright holders to come up with clever ways of putting out their content. The viral success of Baauer’s Harlem Shake track is a great example of this. The video was put out with the track and from that track, thousands of videos were made with the music, allowing Baauer to capitalize on royalties. I believe that YouTube is on the right track when it comes to music, but they need to adjust a few things and make the payout to the music industry more substantial if they are really “all-in” when it comes to music.



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