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nTracks: Music Used Around the World

The digital environment has allowed very special opportunities for online businesses. The Internet & wireless technologies give music a chance to take a different direction by their ability to internationally distribute the productions for instant hearing or storage.  The web … Continue reading

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Music… A Universal Language

Music is played and enjoyed everywhere in the world.  We may not speak the same languages, but it’s interesting that the same music we are listening to here is being played elsewhere in the world. nTracks music has been used … Continue reading

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What can you use Royalty-Free Music for?

You can use Royalty-free music with just about anything.  You can use it for presentations, videos, slideshows, weddings, funerals, on-hold telephone music, web pages, bathroom music, and even background music at a restaurant. Photographers who create slideshows of videos for … Continue reading

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Music… enhancing our emotions one beat at a time

Did you ever notice how music is used everywhere?!  All of your favorite movies and television shows wouldn’t seem the same if there was no music.  Music enhances the emotion and feeling that is trying to be portrayed.  Since I’ve … Continue reading

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